Many food insecure individuals do not qualify for federal nutrition programs and must rely on charitable food assistance.”

Our cause is just, our giving spirit is there, and the asking is easier.  

The Interreligious Food Consortium is a 501c3 and was formed thirty years ago for the purpose of developing a united network of the diverse, emergency food pantries in Onondaga County. There are more than 70 food pantries in Onondaga County that rely on our help in order to serve the people in Onondaga County. This network serves more than 2,779,041 meals annually.  Utilizing this network, The Interreligious Food Consortium made more than 2,000 referrals in the past year and distributed more than 45,000 lbs of donated food in 2013.  

Hunger does not discriminate and affects all populations from the very young to the elderly, people with disabilities, and the working poor. Hunger and problems attributed to being hungry continue to increase. Due to the rising cost of gas, groceries and other essentials, people are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet.

We provide a referral program for those who are in need of an emergency food program. If necessary, we can contact the pantry coordinators  for  emergency situations.  When people are in need we can connect them to the appropriate resources.

So many have done so much to help us make a difference in our community!

Our list of donors is many and we  truly appreciate their support!

The need in our community continues to grow. Please know that whatever it may be, your donation will help us to carry through with our promise to make sure those who need emergency food receive it. We want to make sure that the services are provided to the most vulnerable in our community.

Donations can be mailed to IFC 222 Teall Ave. Syracuse, New York 13210 or through Pay Pal under DONATIONS.  Please feel free to contact our office at 474-8855. You are always welcome to visit our office.

Thank you for your generosity,


Michele Jordan, Executive Director